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VersaFit Training operates out of New York City servicing the 5 boroughs & surrounding areas. Live in the suburbs? No problem! We are willing to travel to you. We also offer virtual personal training via FaceTime, WhatsApp or your preferred platform.

VersaFit Training is designed in integrate into busy lives to enable even the busiest people to live happier & healthier lives.      

You can expect multifaceted workouts utilizing multidimensional exercises that require total body involvement to deliver effective and efficient workouts with rapid results! We start by helping you live a healthier life physically and mentally. 

Through making healthier choices – your mind becomes stronger and as it does, so does your ability to attract the life you truly want.

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Lifestyle Consulting
VersaFit Training Style 

Lifestyle consulting will help you live that life you’ve been seeing in your mind and look and feel like the person in those daydreams.  My name is Johnny Salutare and I created VersaFit Training back in 2016. I have been a private personal trainer for over 14 years, based in both New York and Los Angeles. Over that time I have also trained in many countries around the world. Last year I was traveling in Bali and came across a the Melting Waterfall in Munduk. I was blessed to spend hours there alone. After taking time for myself I felt compelled to make this video. I had been struggling with how to explain what it is I do and how I do it. It is from the heart and is unedited. In it I explain the purpose of my trip to Bali and how it has helped me to define what VersaFit Training is and how I hope to coach others to live an inspired life…a VersaFit Life, or try to hahaha.

VersaFit Training is whatever you need it to be and now VIRTUALLY anywhere you need me to be. It is training on how to tap into and maximize your full potential. I will helo youy become a more versatile human being that enjoys living life rather than just going through it. In my years as a personal trainer, a common thing a lot of clients shared in common was their mindsets. Many came to me pessimistic and unhappy with low self-esteem. I helped my clients over the years lose weight or gain muscle or achieve any goals we set, but it was always helping people feel better about themselves that I found the greatest reward in. Once someone feels better about themselves its a game changer…everything else in life starts to feel just a little bit easier, just a little brighter, a little more fun. Thats what VersaFit Training is all about.

Part of living the lifestyle you want, starts with getting your MINDSET to the the frequencey you want to live on rather than going along with the one you may have fallen into. I want to be your mindset coach. What is mindset coaching? A combination of life coaching, fitness consulting, personal training, nutrition counseling, meditation coaching, image consulting and confidence coaching all wrapped into one. For my fellow movie fans, think Will Smith’s character Hitch, but less focused on finding you the partner of your dreams and more focused on making you the partner of your dreams.

We tap back into being excited to live by working with our strongest muscle of all, our mind. Not everyone is at the same place in their mind or body, so everyones VersaFit experience is different. No matter what combination VersaFits you, the goal is the same…I help you be that person you see and fantasize about in your mind in real life.

The video is long and I I don’t know how many people will watch it or for how long into it anyone will tune in, but I am happy just to be putting it up. It has been a major goal of mine for too long, so to take a step like this for me and what I want to do is me practicing what I preach. I hope it inspires many get out there and live your life! Be optimistic and every time that voice in your head says your not good enough, remind it that it’s right…YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH…YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH!!

Its your rite to live life to the fullest and achieve your maximum potential. I wish you all the best as you set out to do so! We all need coaches, if something I said resonated with you and you want to explore it further, reach out to me. Call 929-277-9328 or message @versafitlife on IG to introduce yourself.

We believe in overall health & wellness.   In the fast-paced world we live in, its not enough to just be physically fit. In order to functio on all cylinders in todays mile-a-minute society, one must be mentally and spiritually strong too! That is why VersaFit Training draws from multiple training modalities accrued from years of learned experience and application to craft our own fresh approach to training creating our own unique style

VersaFit Training takes a naturalistic approach to fitness, health andwellness. We believe each individual possesses his or her own innate strength. That is why our fitness programs H.I.I.T. you from every angle and make use of every second of every minute of every training session. When we are not training your body, we are strengthening you mind and spirit. We start with increasing functionality and mental strength by tackling the neurological connection and motivation to exercise or any challenges that may need to be conquered to facilitate accomplishing your goals resulting in your feeling empowered and ready to achieve anything you want in life!  

Mental and spiritual empowerment is ambiguous so to help make it tangible, we channel that training though physical fitness. Our workouts are multifaceted, consisting of cardio, circuit training and meditation/energy coaching. We take into account your likes and dislikes, physical ability, exercise, sports and fitness history, life experience and specifics like the environment training will occur (indoors vs. outdoors, apartment vs. gym in building/studio near by) and the resources available and design each VersaFit Playbook to the individual.

Bottom line…you tell us what you want to accomplish and we draw up the game-plan to turn it into reality! An example of how VersaFit tackles the mental aspect of training is how we limit our use of the word “work.” The mind typically has a negative association with the term “work,” so we try to keep it out of our vocabulary and verbiage. Instead, VersaFit substitutes terms like “training” for “working out,” thus conditioning the mind to think like an athlete and create a strong, positive association with exercise. Utilizing functional-movement exercises that are core focused and multidimensional allows for hitting multiple muscle groups and planes of motion, forcing the neurological system to work together to improve coordination and stability. Best of all, our approach delivers a dynamic training experience and maximizes time spent exercising!  So take a deep breath and rest assured, VersaFit Training is going to eliminate obstacles you feel are holding you back and transform your whole mindset toward how you approach your life, leading you to live a happier and healthier life full of possibility!

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