Reviews Personal Trainers Near Me

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Maylin C. New York

Versafit has been a life saver. As an actress who tends to be not a size zero the versafit family has made the process of this lifestyle change a breeze, which I will be forever grateful. John is an incredible trainer who really knows his stuff, has a wealth of information and is able to motivate even the laziest of people. His workouts are intense, fun, and give amazing results. I needed a diet alongside the training sessions and I was so happy with what Ireceived. I dropped a dress size. And I know I will continue using John and the team as a support system for my health needs.

Kristan L, New York

Johnny was a angel among mortals when it came to getting me into shape before my wedding. I had stopped working out for a bit and 6 months before my wedding I went to a dress fitting and my skin tight, form fitting, non forgiving (what so ever), gown that I had pick was WAY too tight!
(Too much Jameson and late night pizza )

Johnny structured a workout regiment for me that was effective, simple enough for me to do on my own, and made me feel confident while I was doing it. Instead of a screaming , red faced, juice head, telling me to “PUSH Harder!!” “YOU GOTTA GET THAT WEIGHT OFF!!” That I was so accustomed to; Johnny inspired me, he had me practice calm breathing techniques, posture, he worked in skills that I was familiar with from my athletic background. Every time I would say anything negative he would encourage me to replace it with a positive thought! Shortly enough, I was enjoying working out, down 10lbs, and looking famous in my wedding dress. So fabulous even- I didn’t have to wear any undergarments with my dress!!! Ladies know that’s a HUGE deal.

After my wedding I moved to the east coast and Johnny has still made it possible for me to keep the weight off, stay healthy, and positive with his web classes and meal plans!

He’s the best and I will have my wedding pictures for a life time and the only reason I look so good in them is because of Johnny!!!

Dave N, Los Angeles

John knows what he’s talking about. He creates workouts that are fun, productive and extremely motivating. Thanks man!

Sandy K, La Canada Flintridge, CA

I have to say..I’ve used a few private trainers in my time, and each and every trainer I compare to Johnny! He always had a different approach to his training and made it fun and different every time. I never got bored and he pushed to me to be in the best shape I’ve ever been! Johnny was the best for me and would recommend him to anyone.

Shashone L, New York

What I love most about Johnny is how personable he is. It doesn’t matter whether one on one or in a group he always makes sure you get your time. My schedule is so hectic, but Johnny always found a way to fit me in. He motivates and encourages you all while kicking your butt with his intense workouts!  He loves what he does and it absolutely shows!! He even gave me a simple, healthy & affordable meal plan to help me because I’m always on the go. He’s extremely knowledgeable and overall great guy!

Diana C, Brooklyn

From the minute I told John I wanted to start getting back into shape, he got to work make out a personalized program for me.  He didn’t just copy and paste a generic program, he tailor made one for me by not only taking into account my prior athletic history, but also my old injuries.   The result was a workout plan that had me working out around my unconventional nurses schedule, and at least once a week I had a one-on-one session with him personally.  During these sessions he critiqued my technique to ensure I was performing each movement right, and I was able to ask him about other exercises and have him demonstrate proper body mechanics for me.   His attention to detail and obvious passion is what helps me motivate through on days I don’t want to work out.  I have to mention that though he is my boyfriend and we do live together, he treats me like any other client, he expects nothing less than my hardest efforts and doesn’t let me slide by with cheating.  On a personal note, I can attest that John spends countless hours drawing up workouts and meal plans for his clients.  He is as much invested in their success as they are, if not more.  When he comes home from a session with a client he can’t help but talk about how proud he is in their progress and dedication; he truly does put his heart into this.

Stephen B, Austin, TX

John of VersaFit is truly wonderful to work with as he is very knowledgeable in the fitness and nutrition industry.  He really listens to you as a client and works to help you achieve your personal fitness goals while carefully teaching you proper technics and movements to prevent injuries. My experience working with John was great as he helped me to break through my fitness goals and barriers while carefully listening and pushing me to be the best I could be. John is full of energy, kind, caring, very personable and a true pleasure to know and work with.  I truly valued my time with John as I learned so much from him which I still use today.  Thank you John for all you did to help me…