Personal Training

Train with us in our own fully equipped training studio located in a private-residence with our own backyard located in Astoria, Queens just 35 minutes from midtown Manhattan.  

Want to stay closer to home?? No problem, I specialize in delivering high quality virtual training and I will help you maximize your at home training experience. When you hear how a VersaFit Virtual session operates you will be excited and amazed at the results.

Let Me Help You Enjoy Eating AND Get The Nutrients You Need

Nutrition & Meal Prep Coaching

What to Eat? How much to eat? When to eat? With VersaFit Eats we take the guess work out it & help you learn a practical simple approach eating that lasts a lifetime.

Life Enrichment Coaching

Physical training is just not enough anymore. VersaFit Life Enrichment Coaching helps you live a happier & healthier life through visualization & mediation exercises woven into your Fit Program


What Can VersaFit Do For You?

Are you looking for traditional personal training sessions, maybe you just want some help with nutrition guidance and meal prep help or do you want to try our Life Enrichment Coaching Approach?  Whatever your need, VersaFit Training is here for you!

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