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Think Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

Learn how to be unstoppable and mindfully live in today’s fast paced world with a fierce mindset, an unbreakable spirit in the body you want.

VersaFit: A Way of Life



Helping you make sense of your life
as you become your best self!

Living life is an art all its own. Living well is something that can be learned and that’s the goal of VersaFit. We want to help you be the best artist you can be to create the life you desire. Through our unique approach, we help you to get clear on who you are, who you want to be and how to get there.

Working on one’s self is a noble undertaking and an essential aspect of the human experience. Like anything else, the more you practice it, the better you get at it, but it is never finished. The VersaFit Training approach utilizes and applies learned life experience encompassing different modalities, philosophies and techniques to help save you time, energy and hopefully some anguish as you shape the life you have to the one you want!

VersaFit is a mindset, concept, philosophy, an approach…VersaFit is a way of life. VersaFiT Training teaches you how to evaluate every facet of your life and how to make small tweaks to your life approach to live a VersaFit Life.

We teach you how to tap into and maximize your full potential to be strong in all aspects of your life:
mentally, physically and spiritually!

The beauty of VersaFit is the freedom to live while “sticking to a program.”


Your thoughts define your life! VersaFit Training is mindset coaching for a better life.  Our approach will first help you to become aware of your thoughts and then learn how to manage and use them to live life on your terms.


VersaFiT Training specializes in delivering great workouts and coaching sessions via virtual training Facetime, WhatsApp or your preferred video-chat platform.  


VersaFit has programs for everyone designed to fit any lifestyle on any schedule!  So whether you’re just starting out, looking to get back into exercising or want to take your training to the next level…


VersaFit Life Playbooks help you learn how to make and honor the commitment to yourself to maximize your full potential.  Through our approach you learn how to be present and live mindfully!

Who Is VersaFit For?

Anyone looking to improve in any one area of their life or total life enrichment training!

No matter what you’re dealing with or who you are, we can all use someone in our corner to help make life a little easier.  Someone to remind you to keep your perspective clear based on your personal point of view and what’s true to you.  So, no matter what your goals, not only will VersaFit Training will help you achieve them, but you will enjoy doing so.  You will feel lighter, more connected and present.  Moreover, you’ll go on living life with a fresh optimistic mindset eager to take on any of life’s challenges, capable of taking any of life’s punches and even able to slip a few.

why to choose

versafit training



VersaFiT Playbooks keep it real and deliver results without the restrictions!  We call our “programs” playbooks to illustrate how intricate our approach is and the MINDSET it creates toward your training. we actually advocate you living your social life and draw up your personalized lifestyle guide factoring it in! 

Which one sounds more exciting to follow, a playbook or a program? Exactly!  Take the guesswork out of living with a VersaFit Playbook and consistently be your best self!



Knowing what to eat is only part of the equation, understanding how and when to eat is the real game changer.  Too often people take on super-strict programs that are geared to different people with different goals and lifestyles.  This leads to feelings of failure and regret.   VersaFit educates you on how to approach eating with a healthier mindset.  So stop feeling like you can’t and START feeling like you CAN with a VersaFit Meal Plan.



Just because we’re not in the same place, doesn’t mean we’re not connected! No matter where you are, or what you want to work on, VersaFit is available to you!  Be it physical, mental or spiritually based sessions, I specialize in virtual training and coaching!  VersaFit has specialized in virtual coaching since 2015.



VersaFit Training helps you learn how to better manage your time and your life No matter how busy life gets, VersaFit is so seamlessly integrated into your life routine, that you won’t miss a beat with your training. Your mindset will be so strong that even when you’re off, you’re on and only see possibilities when faced with challenges!

Creator & Operator Of VersaFIT Training

Meet John Salutare

VersaFit Training is operated by creator, Johnny Salutare.  Johnny is a NASM Certified: Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.  He’s also a Certified Life Coach specializing in Mindset and Confidence coaching, a Bigger Faster Stronger Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach and specializes in TRX, kettlebell kickboxing and self-defense training.

In addition to his love of fitness, Johnny has always had a passion for traveling and is an avid solo-traveler. His first major trip was backpacking through Europe for a month and the most recent was  two-months traveling around Bali, the neighboring islands, with a week in Australia. In addition to his 13 countries and counting, Johnny has canvassed the United States visiting 31 states, and countless cities. He’s also solo-road-tripped from New York to Los Angeles and back again.

Throughout his 15+ years as an independent fitness professional, Johnny has lived in New York City and Los Angeles.  In that time he has trained clients ranging from 14-94 years old, from all walks of life, in varying body types, fitness background, abilities and physical conditions.  

No matter who, what or where…the why was always consistent: to infuse his passion for life and his personal experience as an athlete that began as a boy and culminated with playing division 1 college football into his training and inspire others to live their best lives. 


Here’s a Great Place to Start

VersaFit Training takes a fresh approach to personal training, health & wellness coaching. VersaFit is a lifestyle approach that will give you the confidence to stop settling for the life you have and the knowhow to build the life you want! 

Additionally, VersaFit delivers accelerated results by tapping into and maximizing your full potential: your mind!  By learning to hone the mind-body connection, you will use your body to sharpen your mind and strengthen your spirit! 

And when we say deliver, we mean deliver! Utilizing the technology you already live on, VersaFit Training is always with you and at your fingertips.  VersaFit is proud to offer Virtual training at your convenience via FaceTime, WhatsApp Video and Zoom.




Tell us what you want to accomplish, we will give you the plan…it’s that simple!  We can create a workout program for anyone based on what you have available to you and your abilities! All our programs ensure functional core-strength and flexibility, as well as aesthetic results!  The difference in a VersaFit playbook its educates you how to workout and what to think about as you do every step of the way.  Learning with every rep, creating strong default settings for not only physical form, but mental focus in your training and everyday life.

Support, Guidance & Spiritual Tough Love

Accountability…it’s an important aspect of life!  VersaFit teaches you how to be accountable to yourself, but there for you every step of the way!  We are like the friend you turn to when you need advice, but we keep it real with you and tell you what you NEED to hear, even if you may not want to hear it! We also will help you get to a place where no matter what you are facing at any given time, you will know you can handle it! Moreover, VersaFit promotes living it up and coaches you on how to live mindfully in every moment of your life! 


VersaFit Workouts teach you how to use physical exercise to strengthen your mind and spirit. Your mindset will shift from looking at working out as exercise (or even dreading it), to training to get better. VersFit teaches you HOW to workout with confidence, efficiency, and attention to detail. Combining sequences of dynamic multifaceted exercises built upon strong fundamentals, you will not only become the strongest you have ever been…you’ll never go back!


If you want guaranteed success…WORK FOR IT!  No one can do it for you.  There’s no magic routine or program that will remove YOU from the equation, but if you put in the effort and make the commitment to get better every day at mastering your mind rather than being its servant…YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!

At any time, if you come to feel VersaFit isn’t the right fit, no problem, simply let us know and a full refund for any used sessions will be issued.


A few words from our clients

Let VersaFit Help You

If you like the idea of fitness fitting your life rather than making your life fit your fitness goals, let us help you.  VersaFit will help change the way you think and feel about getting and staying in shape.  We keep things simple and help you start to live the life you WANT rather than have to!

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