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What’s VersaFit All About? 

VersaFit Training is designed to enrich your life by coaching you to how to be more present and connected.  Our minds steer our lives, thoughts are constantly running and it seems like we are always chasing after them without a chance to even catch a breath. VersaFit helps you take the wheel and drive to where you want to be while enjoying the scenery along the way.  VFit helps you reprogram and strengthen your mind to work for you, becoming your ally rather than an adversary.

 In short, VersaFit Training will help you be a more well-rounded, capable person brining your focus to how much stronger you already are right now.  Most of us focus on our weaknesses and what we want, rather than our strengths and what what we have.  By adjusting your frequency ever so slightly, a whole new world of possibilities opens up to you.  VersaFit draws your attention to that voice you are probably tired of hearing inside your head and coaches you how to reprogram it to say what you want to hear and work for you!  

Who is VersaFit For?

No matter what you’re dealing with or who you are, we can all use someone in our corner to help make life a little easier.  So, no matter what your goals, VersaFit Training will help you achieve them.  We design our programs specific to each client.  As a result, you will not only achieve your goals, but enjoy doing so.  Moreover, you’ll go on living life with a fresh optimistic mindset eager to take on any of life’s challenges, capable of taking any of life’s punches and even able to slip a few.  

Our services include personal training, meditation, nutrition, lifestyle, mindset, active lifestyle, travel, life and confidence coaching. Words cant explain VersaFit Training you have to experience it for yourself!  So if you think you might like living the VersaFit Life reach out to us and lets see if we are the right FITGet VersaFIt Now 

Creator & Operator Of VersaFIT Training John Salutare

VersaFit Training is operated by creator, John Salutare.  John is a NASM Certified: Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.  He is also a Certified Life Coach specializing in Mindset and Confidence coaching. In addition to being a Bigger Faster Stronger Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach, he is also proficient in TRX and kettlebell training, as well as kickboxing, boxing and self-defense.

In addition to his love of fitness, John has always had a passion for traveling and is an avid solo-traveler. His first major trip was backpacking throughout Europe for a month. And the most recent, two months traveling around Bali, the neighboring islands, with a week in Australia. In addition to traveling abroad, John has canvassed the Untied States visiting 31 states, and countless cities. He has also road-tripped from New York to Los Angles and back again.

John has lived in New York City and Los Angeles throughout his 14 years as an independent fitness professional. He has also trained in some of the most beautiful destinations around the world including Bali, Thailand, Hawaii and Australia to name a few. Throughout his career as a trainer and coach, John has trained clients ranging from 14-94 years old. He infuses his passion for life and his personal experience as an athlete that began as a boy and culminated with playing division 1 college football into his training.

Train With Us

VersaFit Training takes a fresh approach to personal training, health & wellness through fitness. VFit focuses on lifestyle coaching to help people live happier & healthier lives. Through emphasizing the importance of the mind & spirit’s role in physical fitness, VersaFit is able to deliver accelerated results. And when we say deliver, we mean deliver! Designed to utilize technology VersaFit Training is aways with you and at your fingertips.  VersaFit is proud to offer Virtual training at your convenience via FaceTime, WhatsApp Video and Zoom.  

If you like the idea of fitness fitting your life rather than making your life fit your fitness goals, let us help you.  VersaFit will help change the way you think and feel about getting and staying in shape.  We keep things simple and help you start to live the life you WANT rather than have to!

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