FREE 45 minute Virtual

VersaFiT Session 

When I say FREE, I mean it.  This is not one of those “free” sessions that’s all about getting you to sign up or buy something. 

The session is yours and we can do whatever you want.

If you want to just get a workout in, cool I got you!  If you want to meditate (even if you find it hard or feel like you can’t) I got you covered too! Perhaps you would like to feel better in your day-to-day life and could use some easy actionable tactics to implement to help you feel better, you got it!

Our promise is you will leave your session feeling focused, invigorated, optimistic and confident that you can accomplish whatever it is that brought you to here today!


VersaFit is a way of life

VersaFit Training teaches you how to tap into and maximize your full potential.  Not only are you stronger than you think you are right now, you can also live the lifestyle you daydream about in the body you want.  VersaFit Training is mindset coaching designed for total life enrichment and fulfillment.

I started out as a personal trainer over 15 years ago.  Throughout that time, I have trained all over the world, coaching people from all walks of life, ranging from ages 11 to 94.  They all came to me in various conditions ranging from athletic to severely deconditioned and even some that were born missing an appendage.  The number one obstacle I found they all shared in common: the way they think.

Through our unique mindset coaching approach you will learn how to tap into and maximize your full potential resulting in mental, physical and spiritual connection, harmony and strength. Put another way, VersaFit Training helps YOU learn HOW to work on YOU so you can be your own coach!  We coach you on how to declutter your mind, get clear on who YOU really were, who you ARE and who YOU really want to be  and how to get there.

Let VersaFit Help You

If you like the idea of fitness fitting your life rather than making your life fit your fitness goals, let us help you.  VersaFit will help change the way you think and feel about getting and staying in shape.  We keep things simple and help you start to live the life you WANT rather than have to!