Here’s some short clips from past sessions showcasing different workout routines to give you an idea of how VersaFit trains.  Special thank you to our clients and friends who allowed VFIT to share their effort and action!  Keep checking back to see more videos as we continue to update our content.

VFit Sneak Peak

VersaFit Leg Circuit

VersaFit Boxing

VFit Db Cleans & Dual Action Exercise

VFit Advanced

VFit Chest Exercise Adaptations

VFit Balance Advanced Exercises

VFit Turkish
Get Up

VFit Burn and

VFit Trampoline & Medicine Ball Work

VFit Plyo & Leg Work

VFit KB Floor Work

VFit Cable Work

VFit SpyCam

VersaFit Cable Circuit


Father & Son training Krav Maga

VFIT Home Workout

Kickboxing & Boxing – Outdoor At-Home Workout

Ground & Pound Bag Work MMA Inspired Workout

Home Boxing Circuit Training W/ Elevation Mask

Quarantine Workout 2 Straight on View

Quarantine Workout


Kickboxing Workout

VersaFit BFS

Band Resistance Pull-Ups

Working on the


Monkeying Around VFIT Style

Let VersaFit Help You

If you like the idea of fitness fitting your life rather than making your life fit your fitness goals, let us help you.  VersaFit will help change the way you think and feel about getting and staying in shape.  We keep things simple and help you start to live the life you WANT rather than have to!